The fright before Christmas - a short blackly comic playlet

The fright before Christmas - a short blackly comic playlet

The fright before Christmas is a short blackly comical tale of three greedy, selfish children who learn their life lesson under the guidance of the ghost of reformed Ebenezer Scrooge. Written in mostly rhyming couplets in the style of 'Twas the night before Christmas, it can be padded out with a dance section if needs be. Ideal for filming as a virtual playlet.

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    Included with the purchase of this playscript is a performance licence for multiple performances (by the purchasing organisation/individual only) within one year of the purchase date in front of any non fee paying audience. Should the material be performed in front of a fee paying or ticket purchasing audience then a further charge of £9.99 or 5% of amount generated in ticket sales, whichever of these is the greatest, is due. If a performance is for a recognised charitable cause, please contact The Mighty Little Play Store for a bespoke arrangement. This licence also includes permission for multiple copies of the script to be made for the purposes of rehearsal and performance by the purchasing organisation/individual only. Any unauthorised distribution or sharing of scripts beyond this, either physical or digital, is a breach of the licence agreement and not allowed. All works available here remain the intellectual property of the author and the site. Thank you for respecting this. Arts and creativity only flourish in an environment where intellectual property is respected and people are paid fairly for their work.

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